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LDS Home Storage Center in Mesa, Arizona

Provident Principles and Practices
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PRINCIPLE: “Come, ye thankful people, come; Raise the song of harvest home. All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin. God, our Maker, doth provide for our wants to be supplied.” – Hymn 94.

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PRACTICES: Thankfully, God, our Maker, does provide a way for us to obtain supplies to fulfill our wants and needs before the winter storms begin. We can safely gather harvested food and other edibles for our homes, either in bulk form (in commercial bags or boxes) or in dry-pack (canned) form, at an LDS Cannery or Home Storage Center (HSC). In Mesa, Arizona, the HSC is in the back part of the complex located at 235 S. El Dorado, off Broadway Road, near Loop 101.

At the HSC, you can gather and dry pack food as part of your three-month supply of foods that you routinely eat or as part of your long-term storage. Products are rotated on a three-month cycle.

In January, April, July, and October you can dry pack Dry Milk, Regular Oats, Macaroni, Carrots, Apples, and Pinto Beans.

In February, May, August, and November you can dry pack Potato Flakes, Fruit Drink Mix, Sugar, Black Beans, and Rice.

In March, June, September, and December you can dry pack White Beans, Refried Beans, Hot Cocoa Mix, Flour, Onions, and Red Wheat.

Members of the Queen Creek North Stake have an opportunity to order food and then go to the HSC and dry pack it at 1 p.m. on Stake Home Storage Day, the second Tuesday of every month.

To order, phone your ward cannery specialist five to six weeks before Stake Home Storage Day. Let this person know what you’ll need. This person will submit your order to the Stake, which will then submit it to the HSC, and the HSC will prepare the right amount of food.

Each family that orders must send at least one family member to the HSC on Stake Home Storage Day to can food, clean up, pay for the food (checks or money orders only), and take the food home. ...


If you can’t go on Home Storage Day, the HSC also sets aside the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month so that members, by appointment, can go and dry pack products available that month. To make an appointment, call Brother and Sister Carter at the HSC at (480) 214-9114. You can also arrange to borrow one of their canning machines and/or buy cans, lids, boxes, plastic covers, etc.

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The drawing of the rice is by Nicolle Rager Fuller, National Science Foundation.

To learn about food product costs, how much of a given product is found in a #10 can, or for how long you can store a given product, take a look at the home storage center order form, found at

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